A great haircutter displaying a dream like character, packed with ideas and always creating great-looking hair, Massato receives all women at his custom salon between two appointments with either stars or top models.
What is his secret weapon attracting all these women? Massato defines, at a glance, the perfect right style in harmony with the silhouette and the latest fashion, and he likes that his clients leave with a modern touch.
For Massato, the most important thing is first to listen to each client in order to define their own style with him. He also takes the time to observe their clothing as well as their way of walking and their gestures.
His philosophy is based on custom haircuts and easy to live styles. His haircuts are slender and performed without brushing, so that the hair returns naturally in place after shampoo. The hair is cut only with scissors and is performed 60% on wet hair and 40% on dry hair.


The story begins in 1975 Massato. Arrived from Japan, barber diploma in hand, he decided to conquer Paris, fashion capital. His youth and talent open him quickly the world of studios with the greatest photographers. For twenty years, he cut and brush finest Tops Models for larger magazines and fashion shows.


After having travelled the world of photo sessions on the scene, Massato opens in 1993 his own salon in Paris, today Massato has 2 Parisian salons.
Massato is not a hairdresser like others, he likes to cultivate his differences. From his origins in Japan, he had a legacy of discretion, the taste of silence in order to better watch and listen, and think, ensuring respect for personality, and the desire for perfection.
The universe of fashion left him with the indelible imprint for the curiosity of trends and the rapidity of the glance which captures the taste of the new, and the affluent in the lightness of air, which has spirit and talent. This double influence, the Eastern and Western world is observed in his route and in his concept ensuring utter hairdressing and technique brilliance.


Massato has trained his teams himself. So people who constitute his teams share his vision of hairdressing and his technical.
Today he shares his time between his various Parisian salons and the one in Tokyo.